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There is still time to give a gift full of inspiration and hope! Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, & Life is my story of the devastating and disabling reaction to Levaquin in 2015 that nearly took my life. An RN, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and ballerina, I have fought my way back with all of the courage I could muster, faith, and gratitude. New to this edition are the challenges of the last two years, new insights, expanded stories, and even some repressed memories from those early years. Also, you will find worksheets for self-reflection that can be used either personally or for group discussion. Like the first edition, this book also includes expanded sections on easy-to-follow tips on gentle exercise, nutrition, and stress management. If you've ever had a loss, illness, or challenge of any kind, I've been told that you will love this book! It shines with hope! Available on Amazon or through my website at .

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