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Rhonda Jean Bolton

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) since 1995.

Registered Nurse (RN)

since 1984.

The author of Praying Through Pliés and the 2nd expanded edition, Surviving Lupus, Levaquin. & Life, Rhonda "Jean" Bolton, is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience. She also has certification in psychiatric and mental health nursing and has been a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) in the state of North Carolina for 28 years. Praying Through Pliés is her true and inspiring journey of living for decades with lupus, that she describes as "a gentle companion in comparison" to the later devastating and disabling neurotoxic reaction to the fluoroquinolone antibiotic, Levaquin, in June of 2015. Her book, Praying Through Pliés, is her story, and her husband provided the cover designs and photography which capture the ballet movement called "plié." The 2nd edition expands both the original content and the author’s ongoing story. Moments of heartbreaking loss and soaring moments of inspiration will leave you facing challenges with hope and with a new awareness of the potential dangers of prescription medication.

Message from the Author

            With a strong focus on nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and stress management, the main thread of emphasis in both books is on the power of gratitude and the quality of our thoughts. I have attempted to weave my faith, my gratitude practice, and my love for ballet into my personal story of reinvention and transformation. My mantra, Praying through Pliés, comes from my love for ballet. Pliés are not only the beginning of a ballet class, they are the very foundation of ballet. Pliés make it possible to transition from one step to the next. And in order to reinvent and transform ourselves during times of illness, loss, difficulty, or simply because we want to improve our lives, we must transition - we must each find our own pliés!

            My husband and I share 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and a cat, Boo. I have studied ballet since the age of 5, was a competitive swimmer and swim team coach, and enjoy playing the piano and traveling. Before Levaquin, I was a Parish Nurse, a vocation which I deeply loved, and performed regularly in ballets alongside several grandchildren. The damage to my neuromuscular system causes problems with balance, muscle weakness, stamina, and often with the ability to organize and process information. Writing these books was quite difficult, and you will have to read my epilogue to discover the miraculous occurrence that enabled me to complete Praying Through Pliés! You will find what I believe is an equally miraculous conclusion in Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, & Life! My hope is that if my books' message can bring healing and inspiration to others, my parish nurse ministry will continue!

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Available on in Paperback and Kindle editions!

Readers are Saying!

"Beautifully and poignantly written, the author addresses her personal loss, grief, sadness, and anger, but the prevailing message is one of hope, love, and gratitude."


"This book has the potential to change lives by bringing healing, hope, and joy to those dealing with chronic illness, loss, or challenges of any kind, but it is also for anyone who desires to make positive changes in his or her life."


"As I read Praying Through Pliés, I felt I had entered a sacred place, a place that led me to a spiritual awakening. A masterpiece of how God wants us to live, not just with illness but in the world we are a part of..."


"Transforming and life-changing. I began my gratitude journal today, and my first entry was gratitude for this book. I will begin the Easy 8's exercises tomorrow morning!"


"This mother/nurse/ballerina is as tough as The Rock of Gibraltar and as delicate and graceful as a butterfly. Her spirit and determination are beyond words. This book lifted my spirit, and this is going to be my new go to give away book for my friends and family."


"This book is a testament to the author’s courage, tenacity and indomitable spirit. Read it in an hour and come away with a lifetime of insights on how nutrition, exercise and faith can help one cope with some of life’s most formidable challenge"


"an incredibly written book of great information and excellent words of wisdom. This book is informative and inspirational for anyone going through illness and or trials of everyday life... A blessing to read"


"everyone in the medical community should read... Thank you for writing this very important book!"


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