Plans are underway for a video in several formats of the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT exercise class referenced in Praying Through Pliés! Watch this site for information!

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Mind, Body, and Spirit is a gentle exercise class, done to a background of hymns, relaxation, or classical music, that includes strengthening, stretching, and balance exercises from the disciplines of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It begins with a brief devotion or focus prayer and  closes with meditative prayer or healing imagery. This one-hour meditative movement class that both energizes and relaxes is a combination of standing and floor.

Health and Wellness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit offers brief  overviews of the importance of stress management, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and positive thinking.  Simple guidelines and tips make it easy to incorporate these wellness foundations into anyone's life!

Stress Management is a comprehensive program that covers everything you need to know about stress!  What is stress? What causes it? What does it do to us?  Now that I have stress, what do I do with it? 

Care of the Caregiver  is a comprehensive guide for caregivers that includes tips for avoiding burnout, or compassion fatigue, stress management, physical and emotional wellness, local, state, and national resources, how to find support, and a reading list.

Faith, Gratitude, and Transformation - The story of the presenter's own journey, it has been described as an inspirational and powerful account of  the healing power of making "Rejoice Always!" your personal mantra. Whether one is looking for healing of mind, body, or spirit or simply wanting to transform and enrich his or her life, a faith and gratitude practice is the place to begin!

Along with Praying Through Pliés and Surviving Lupus, Levaquin. & Life, the author and her husband, also a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, have coauthored A Family's First Guide: Bipolar Disorder. Available on Amazon, this easy-to-read comprehensive book addresses the first emotions, questions, and confusion that accompany the initial diagnosis while providing resources and planning guides in a workbook format.

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