An Offer for Challenging Times!

Probably everyone is affected in some way by the COVID 19 pandemic. I know that I am. Being in the vulnerable, high-risk group, I am encased in the bubble of my home with my wonderful husband and cat. Thank goodness that I am also surrounded by more books than I could possibly read in my lifetime, enough music to lift my spirits for hours at a time, and the wonderful technology found in my laptop and DVR! As I scroll through Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, & Life , the quote beginning Chapter 2 by Victor Frankl grabs me: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Knowing

Use your time like Isaac Newton!

I thought I was accomplishing a good bit by doing my spring cleaning, but this link has inspired me to to ask "How can I best use this gift of time?" Should I start another book or finish my book of poetry? What are your thoughts and ideas about using your time? If you haven't already, maybe you would like to read my book, Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, & Life! It has some good, simple ideas for creating your own healthy lifestyle. I would love that, but regardless, I want to hear from you. Inspire me. Let's all rise to the challenge like Isaac Newton did after bubonic plague changed his world!

Boost Your Immunity and Your Energy!

The Blue Zones study began over a decade ago with a collaboration between National Geographic and researcher, Dan Buettner. His goal was to study the world's best practices in health, longevity, and medicine by focusing on the areas of the world where the healthiest and happiest people live. His books and the Blue Zones website are fascinating, educational, and a joy to read as you learn about the lifestyle and common traits in diverse parts of our planet that make for a long, happy, and productive life! Their latest emailing has a section on foods that enhance immunity and energy, so enjoy the link below as you look for ways to protect yourself and your family with the current healthcare cr

One Shining Moment

I had neuropsych testing done at Baptist Hospital yesterday. Complex and lengthy, I won’t know the results for several weeks. I may have done very well, but I suspect that there are issues. For those who know me well, you have probably realized that my brain has had some small hiccoughs – and some not so small – over the past year. Why? The simple answer is that the most likely culprit is Levaquin since neurotoxicity affects all of the nerve cells in the body. Even though I managed to complete my second book, Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, & Life, I have had increasing difficulty with focus, concentration, memory, and problem-solving. Neuropsych testing was ordered by my neurologist, and yesterd

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