The dangers of fluoride and fluorine

This article, like my book Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, & Life, reminds us of the importance of knowing what chemicals we put in our bodies! Having experienced the devastating effects of neurotoxicity caused by the fluoroquinolone antibiotic, Levaquin, I know I have to be careful to read labels and ingredient lists carefully so as to not cause further damage. Be cautious, and treat your body with loving and informed care! Note the fluorine atom in these chemicals. It is the fluorine in the fluoroqui

Need an Antibiotic? Think twice!

As a victim - let me rephrase that to "survivor" - of fluoroquinolone toxicity, I highly recommend this article. The parallels are very disturbing. I urge everyone to be very cautious about taking these antibiotics. Do your research and weigh the benefits against the consequences. Just because you've taken one of these antibiotics before and had no problem doesn't mean that the next time won't cause permanent disability. Or worse. I know because it happened to me. You can read about my journey from wheelchair to pointe shoes in my new book, Surviving Lupus, Levaquin, and Life, by Rhonda Jean Bolton. Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Thank you for your support and for following m

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