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Give the Gift of Inspiration and Hope to Yourself or Someone You Love!

Over the last few months, I have discovered that Praying Through Pliés: Living with Lupus and Surviving an Antibiotic Called Levaquin is quite versatile: it lends itself well to Christian formation classes as well as presentations to healthcare agencies! This was never my intent, but I have enjoyed talking with others who are interested in improving their lives or who are dealing with illness, loss, or challenges. Together, we have done the Easy 8 exercises, sampled healthy smoothies, and relaxed to healing visualizations, and the participants have been so gracious and supportive with their feedback! I continue to be amazed and humbled that this little book, while opening doors for me, is inspiring and meaningful to so many. I have been asked to give several more presentations including one that involves a traveling tour! Some readers have shared with me that they plan to give copies of my book as gifts throughout the year or as stocking-stuffers this Christmas, and I hope that you will too! Blessings, Jean

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